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Our Orchid Hangers are made of excellent weather resistant materials for outdoor exposure, they are very durable and some are enhanced with stained glass and other elements. The stained glass tones, transparency and hues may vary with each piece, making each one unique.


The most popular sizes are  31-3/4" long  x  15-3/4" wide  x  3/4" thick,  and the weight is

approximately 10 lbs.


Each frame comes with two hooks that can be placed in any location within the artistic trellis of the frame.

You can hang a single pot or several if you prefer, thereby creating different designs. 

Each frame can be installed in any direction using only two screws on the wall.

Additional hooks are available for purchase.


Another unique line of our Orchid Hangers is a collection of designs that you can hang from trees, arbors, gazebos or any other structure, allowing the wind to create movement.

These pieces can also connect with each other to extend the length of the hangers.


Orchid Hangers are not limited to exteriors, they can be just as beautiful and useful on indoor walls with or without orchids.


We also create custom pieces according to your wishes.


Please see the Products Section to see our complete line of products....and more will be coming.


PLEASE NOTE that these are artisanal products handmade in the USA, and using American made materials.



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