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Artist Bio



Inspired by the beauty and the sensuality of one of Mother Nature's masterpieces, the ORCHIDS, I have created exclusive designs in various weather resistant materials, some enhanced with stained glass and other elements, to honor the beauty of these wonders.


In the same way that an owner of a Picasso painting would honor the artist's work by providing a special frame for the piece, my unique handmade pieces represent a really special place to appreciate and display the beauty of the Orchids.


I am self-taught and my creations are born from the passion and great love that I have for nature, and which I share with my Wife.


Each piece is unique, allowing you to perceive the movements and the stubborn geometry of the strokes that when combined create amazing hangers to display your beautiful Orchids.


Please check all our new designs in the Products Section, and let your imagination SOAR!


~ C. Martinez





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